GT Manager changes...

Changes in v6.0.0 (released 20-July-2018)

Software is now free
Added scroll bar for when right pane didnít fit in window height
Added Office 2016 styles
Access to Bossís Tone Studio Library included
Added save, load and revert system data to system ribbon
Loading syx file that contains system data won't overwrite system data
Regular automatic check for updates now every 45 days instead of 90 days
Extended file mode removed as not relevant any more
Bug fixes :-
  Save as Excel fixed and significant speed improvement working with Microsoft Office 2016
  Added check for duplicate patches on loading
  GT5 custom preamp 2 and custom OD/DS 2 system data not received by GT5 (error in Boss documentation)
  Loading from assign presets only worked for Assign 1
  Fixed display problem with file/patch info from sysex file window
  Recent folders weren't showing properly
  GT5 preamp type wasn't showing correct values
  GT100/GT001 pedal function didn't show Pedal Effect setting
  GT100/GT001 exp pedal function slider change not updating label in FX chain correctly
  GT100 patch file window didn't always show correct summary (sometimes blank)
  GT001 assign source showed wrong values
  Copying assigns from presets or some other patches wasn't working
  GT5 custom preamp presence was showing erroneous values
  GT10, GT100 save as text/excel didn't show assign settings correctly for assigns to FX1/FX2
  GT5 save as text didn't show assign settings correctly
  GT5 Excel templates not quite right (foot volume row hidden and blank line at start of FX order)
  GT100 assign target parameters showed erroneous values for sound hold, ac. proc., phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, uni-v, pan, slicer, vibrato, ring mod., humanizer


Changes in v5.4.3 (released 06-April-2017)

Bug fix :-
  Sync didn't transmit patches back to GT-x unless the GT-x only had default data in that patch location


Changes in v5.4.2 (released 03-April-2017)

Bug fix :-
  GT6 MIDI In some system data was being being lost


Changes in v5.4.1 (released 23-March-2017)

Buy now goes to new store page with GT Manager in basket
Bug fix :-
  Problem with occasional longer than normal transaction ID affecting registration fixed


Changes in v5.4.0 (released 20-December-2016)

Added Office 2013 colour schemes for backstage and backgrounds
Added quick access toolbar
Tweaks to sync results dialog
Effect chain now shows more detail
Now remembers which tab of the options dialog was last shown for next time
Knobs and sliders that are disabled (because effect parameter not used) now shown more clearly
Bug fixes :-
  Shift up wouldn't shift into an empty first bank
  Save as Excel was always saved with .xls extension even if .xlsx format
  Messagebar was wrong height with some themes
  GT6 was sending Midi map twice in sync, so sync data was getting all mixed up
  GT6 sync now shows Sub-fx for FX1 & FX2 so it's clear what sub-fx the parameters belong to
  GT8 sync FX1 AFB effect now shows number 1-3 (like FX2 did)
  GT10 to GT100 conversion was not setting div/mix at all, and not setting Exp pedal function properly
  GT10, GT100, GT001 preamp bright was being shown for all preamp types
  GT100 clicking FV now displays FV volume parameters not always Wah
  GT100 clicking "Pedal" button displays current pedal fx type (Pedal Bend, Wah, Vol or Pedals if none selected) not always Pedal Bend
  GT100 manual mode pedal settings moved to Pedal from Mstr; Mstr renamed to Misc; Misc & NS order swapped to be more logical
  GT100 pedal > wah type slider now has wider box to show value better
  GT100 accel button now only "on" if any of the pedals are set to accel


Changes in v5.3.0 (released 2-October-2015)

Tweaks to sync results dialog
Effect chain now shows more detail
Shift bank/patch now auto-repeat
Shift bank/patch operation changed so that it won't delete patches any more, additional option added to determine whether shift moves patches into gaps or moves all patches along
Bug fixes :-
  Right-click cut would cut the selected patch rather than the clicked one
  Fixed quirk in patchlist display size during bulk to PC
  Fix to editor height (made max available)
  Fix to enabling undelete command on ribbon
  Undelete from right-click popup didn't work
  Paste effect from preset patches caused crash
  GT3,5,6 effects that have sub-effects weren't being set properly when setting to user FX or system preset
  GT3,5,6,8 could get stuck when sending selective sections of system data
  GT3,5,6,8 wasn't sending the first QFX data of system data if that was the starting point
  GT3, GT8 QFX transfer to PC could lose some data
  Fix for GT5 patchlist and editor size
  Fix for some GT5 parameters
  GT5 bulk to pc QFX data was corrupted (all data went into FB/SG memory slot)
  GT5 restore factory settings set different sections to those selected
  GT5 bulk system to GT5 wasn't sending the right data
  Extra text for GT6/GT8/GT10 custom preamp speaker in sync
  GT8 & GT10 mic pos and solo level controls would swap position when changing from initial channel view
  Extra text for preamp in GT8 sync, pedals & preamp in GT10, pedals&sys preamp in GT100/001
  GT8 MIDI map was mostly being lost uploading to PC
  Some FX1/2 descriptions in sync improved
  GT10 sync sys preamp descriptions were wrong
  GT10 sync Custom Pre 2b & 3b had wrong text
  GT10 sync category names weren't being displayed
  GT10 system CTL settings, preamp & MIDI map error in bulk to PC
  GT10 system bank change and patch change settings weren't labelled properly
  GT100,001 if only one FX in A-chain or B-chain didn't quite fit into window
  GT001 CTL pdl func "number inc" & "number dec" settings were causing it to be reset to "off"


Changes in v5.2.3 (released 4-February-2015)

Bug fix :-
  Unregistered version could hang at startup


Changes in v5.2.2 (released 24-January-2015)

Bug fix :-
  Opening syx/mid patch files was broken


Changes in v5.2.1 (released 19-January-2015)

Bug fix :-
  GT001 mode was broken, causing crash


Main changes in v5.2.0 (released 15-January-2015)

Can now use mousewheel to adjust knobs and sliders when mouse is over them
Right-click on vertical sliders shows popup menu of values for easier selection
Sync function added
Revert can now revert patch data or system data or both
Deleted configurations can be re-instated
Bug fixes :-
  EQ graph made the right size; right-click popup constrained to plot
  GT100 master EQ frequency was the wrong number format
  Channel A/B select wasn't disabled for GT100 dual divider mode
  Check for updates took a few seconds before the dialog appeared
  GT100 v2 pedals EXP SW min showed wrong value
  GT100 v1 & v2 pedals some checkboxes were non-operational
  GT100 divider Channel B checkboxes non-operational
  GT100 divider cutoff freq slider now off if filter is set to off
  Load patch progress window wasn't being rendered properly
  OD/DS bottom & tone weren't being converted properly GT100 v1<>v2
  Clicking on GT100 S/R effect box showed master-mix rather than master-S/R
  GT100 bulk load or load one into empty MyGT will change MyGT to v1 or v2 as needed
  Fixed possible crash opening options dialog after midi device removed
  Fixed midi device not being selected if connected whilst showing the midi dialog
  Midi-related menu items might not have been enabled at startup
  GT10, GT100, GT001 patch category box didn't show category at startup
  Could get the wrong configuration index after changing GT modes
  Progress display of bulk send of system data wasn't working
  Bulk send GT3 QFX, GT5 QFX, GT8 QFX not being sent properly
  Bulk send GT5 PRE2 & OD2 not sent
  Cancelling bulk send of patches now does actually stop sending the data
  GT10 system midi map on/off was not showing right value (was using GT8 parameter)
  GT10 system USB driver mode and USB monitor showing wrong settings
  GT100 system just had LCD contrast instead of LCD left & right contrast
  GT10 system midi settings showing wrong parameters
  GT10 clicking on send/return fx box didn't select master effect, and didn't toggle fx on/off
  GT10 clicking on volume fx box when NS(gate) showing would show Wah instead of Master
  GT8 / GT10 delay wsan't enabling the knobs etc in dual mode
  Saving user presets didn't work for any GT mode
  Shifting patches left/up could result in current patch being deleted
  Couldn't shift patch into very last patch slot
  GT100v2 / GT001 the last part of QFX10 was being missed during bulk to PC
  GT3 / GT5 QFX missing some data during bulk to PC
  Fixed problem with Office2013 theme in patch and text windows


Changes in v5.1.1 (released 15-September-2014)

Bug fixes :-
  bulk load for GT3, GT5 & GT6 wasn't working properly
  permanently delete patches could cause crash
  Fx select buttons weren't being shown if there were no patches in the file at startup
  copying a patch in a library file would copy the last patch (right) clicked rather than the current patch


Changes in v5.1.0 (released 16-July-2014)

Added support for GT-100 v2 firmware and GT-001
Added unlimited per-patch Undo/Redo facility
Can now paste individual effect settings from presets or other patches into current patch
Added sub-effect combo box in addition to checkboxes for sub-effect selection
Effect chain highlights which path between divider and mixer is active
Added MIDI map to system settings
Added reset to factory settings for system data
Inserting bank/patch keeps pacthes at end of file if possible instead of deleting them
Various tweaks to the UI
Improved display with non-standard Windows DPI settings
Bug fixes :-
  GT10 QFX weren't making the right settings
  GT10/GT100 harmonist popup menu wasn't right
  GT100 system preamp was missing some preamp types, custom preamp type had some wrong values
  GT100 couldn't move preamp A to end of A-chain
  GT100 Exp function was missing patch level
  GT100 assigns to EQ effect weren't listing the relevant parameters
  GT100 wasn't showing QFX for Divider, Accel Fx, Pedal Bend or Wah effects
  GT100 metronome beat and tempo were missing from system data
  fixes to insert/remove bank/patch as it may not have worked as expected
  custom panel shading wasn't working correctly
  various other minor fixes


Changes in v5.0.17 (released 21-May-2014)

Bug fixes :-
  GT3 assign settings could be corrupted
  GT5 shading on assign labels 1..4 grey rather than red when on
  short delay effect for GT3, GT5, GT6, GT8 wasn't showing properly
  GT8 assign source max could be corrupted
  GT8 bulk to PC was losing the last two parameters of SDD for FX1 & FX2, all parameters of Loop, all parameters of FX2:HR/PS/PB/OC/RT/2CE/AR/SYN/AC/SH/SDD and Amp Ctl SW
  bulk of QFX to GT100 missed some data
  GT100 wasn't showing COSM info for ODDS or PreAmps
  "Revert" whilst showing GT100 Accel Pedal didn't refresh display properly
  "Load One" onto current patch wasn't updating the parameters in the patch editor
  changing patch name in editor wasn't updating the name in the patch list


Changes in v5.0.16 (released 04-March-2014)

Bug fixes :-
  resolved occasional error at startup (caused by corrupt patch file)
  improvement in GT6 & GT8 MIDI transmission speed
  fixed occasional data loss when reading some .mid files in GT10 mode


Changes in v5.0.15 (released 12-September-2013)

Bug fixes :-
  GT100 assigns to FX1 not showing properly, assigns to FX2 were missing last parameter in list
  check for updates for non-English computers sometimes caused crash


Changes in v5.0.14 (released 05-Sep-2013)

Added office 2013 theme
Added patch shift left and shift up functions
Added "extended mode" file management for users wanting to switch frequently between more than five sets of patch data
Added "Recent Places" to Recent File list
Various improvements to product registration

Bug fixes :-
  delete, page up/dn, end keys now work as expected when patch info etc is being displayed
  moving current patch now keeps highlight
  GT100 FX1-SEQ and FX2-SEQ eq graphs now both shown if needed
  GT3/5/6/8 "Save To..." now shows syx as default option for filetype
  fixed intermittent issue with sending data to GT6 (it wasn't able to keep up with GT Manager)
  recent file list now always shows most recent at top at startup (order was reversed at startup each time before)
  various other minor fixes


Changes in v5.0.13 (released 30-June-2013)

Bug fix :-
  level control for GT100 slow gear effect was missing


Changes in v5.0.12 (released 04-June-2013)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed problem with GT5 assign targets being corrupted during bulk to pc or when editing
  fixed assign targets for GT3, GT5, GT6, GT8 & GT10 incorrectly showing GT100 targets


Changes in v5.0.11 (released 10-May-2013)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed problem with some GT100 assign settings saving to Excel or to Text


Changes in v5.0.10 (released 1-May-2013)

Bug fixes :-
  added scroll bars to info page when window is small
  fixed (rare) crash at startup


Changes in v5.0.9 (released 10-Apr-2013)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed problem editing harmonist and autoriff on GT-10 and harmonist on GT-100
  fixed detection of inserting/removing midi devices (broken in v5.0.8)


Changes in v5.0.8 (released 01-Mar-2013)

Can now disable the automatic check for updates

Bug fixes :-
  fixed GT-3 master volume maximum value
  fixed occasional registration problem caused by Kagi's registration number generator (difference between local time and California time)
  fixed recent file list not sizing to window
  fixed delete from right-click popup menu deleting the wrong patch


Changes in v5.0.7 (released 19-Dec-2012)

Software is now digitally signed

Bug fixes :-
  bulk load refreshes preset fx list when system data is uploaded
  fixed syx file saveas (was showing zip as only option)
  fixed GT8 system data losing the last two user preset fx settings for Wah & Loop and getting the user preset fx names wrong


Changes in v5.0.6 (released 28-Nov-2012)

Added automatic periodic check for updates
Now able to update username and address after registering

Bug fixes :-
  fixed crash when opening options dialog from backstage icons
  fixed GT100 Fx on/off (wasn't updating GT100 correctly)
  fixed GT100 system knob settings in system editor
  fixed copying GT100 preamp A <> preamp B
  fixed GT100 preset Fx settings (didn't always get the right data)
  GT10 and GT100 now show all 10 Fx presets for preamp (were only showing first 9)


Changes in v5.0.5 (released 20-Nov-2012)

Added support for memo fields to be read from and written to gxg/gcl files

Bug fixes :-
  fixed issues loading gxg/gcl files
  fixed GT-100 templates used for convert to Excel


Changes in v5.0.4 (released 13-Nov-2012)

Added support for GT-100
Major updates to user interface; patch editor and system editor now fully integrated


Changes in v4.7.10 (released 04-Mar-2012)

Bug fix :-
  fixed MIDI problem in editor (wasn't working at all)


Changes in v4.7.9 (released 03-Mar-2012)

Bug fix :-
  fixed problem with Kagi registration and leap years


Changes in v4.7.8 (released 14-Feb-2012)

Bug fix :-
  GT6 bulk transfer from PC caused crash


Changes in v4.7.7 (released 06-Jan-2012)

Bug fixes :-
  GT10 editor didn't allow MIDI as assign source
  fixed spurious CC#40,0 messages (one on each MIDI channel) that were being sent when MIDI closed (possibly only affected USB interfaces)


Changes in v4.7.6 (released 24-Jan-2011)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed error in Delay time in GT8 text / Excel listing
  fixed error in FX2 subfx name in GT8 mode for effects after HR


Changes in v4.7.5 (released 24-Nov-2010)

Bug fix :-
  fixed error in GT6 editor with FX2 assign settings


Changes in v4.7.4 (released 25-Oct-2010)

Bug fix :-
  fixed error in GT6 to GT3 mod type conversion (sometimes caused crash)


Changes in v4.7.3 (released 10-Mar-2010)

Bug fix :-
  corrected further problem with Kagi registration


Changes in v4.7.2 (released 04-Jan-2010)

Bug fix :-
  corrected problem with Kagi registration codes


Changes in v4.7.1 (released 24-Sep-2009)

Bug fix :-
  GT8 delay time didn't work properly in patch editor


Changes in v4.7.0 (released 05-Jun-2009)

Bug fix :-
  convert to text for GT10 had minor issue with Assign min/max


Changes in v4.6.0 (released 25-May-2009)

Bug fixes :-
  patch editor now updates GT10 effect chain display when NS1, NS2 turned on/off
  effects chain changes in patch editor weren't being transmitted to GT-3/5/6/8/10
  GT-10 Pedal FX on/off settings now work similarly to the GT-10
  moving FX between the end of chain A and the start of chain B for GT-10 didn't work
  system editor didn't transmit GT10 system data properly


Changes in v4.5.0 (released 12-Apr-2009)

Bug fixes :-
  changing GT10 A <> B preamp didn't check visibility of custom edit button
  swapping patches didn't work
  converting files with temp patch from one format to another could cause crash


Changes in v4.4.0 (released 19-Jan-2009)

Bug fix :-
  the first few bytes of a patch were being corrupted when moving / copying patches


Changes in v4.3.0 (released 15-Jan-2009)

Bug fixes :-
  system editor LCD contrast was 0 to 15 instead of 1 to 16 for GT3 / GT5
  GT8 / GT10 Flanger had effect level twice instead of effect and direct level
  selecting EQ Adjust from toolbar didn't work properly (was ok from menu)
  EQ adjust frequencies for GT10 controlled wrong parameter


Changes in v4.2.0 (released 08-Jan-2009)

Bug fix :-
  fixed crash when trying to view GT5 Master pane in editor


Changes in v4.1.0 (released 05-Jan-2009)

Bug fixes :-
  GT10 patch save syx and gxg format were swapped
  gxg file was not quite the right format, so wouldn't load back into Boss Librarian
  buffer overflow (caused crash) when bulk dumping all GT10 data
  recent file list now checks if file still there each time it displays (had problems if file had been deleted/removed)
  minor fixes to GT10 effect chain editing, and master bpm value


Changes in v4.0.0 (released 31-Dec-2008)

Added support for GT-10
Can have multiple sets of system data
Updates to the graphics

Bug fixes :-
  patch copying/moving (using drag & drop) was broken
  slower MIDI transmit speed used in GT5 mode to avoid overflows in GT5
  fixed occasional lock-up at start up with particular PC + MIDI interface types
  text window "save" and "save as" functions were swapped
  editor assign waveform for assigns 2 to 8 set assign 1 waveform instead
  GT8 flanger was missing direct level, delay was missing direct level, WSY effect & direct level were wrong, CS/LM presets didn't set CS/LM effect type, assigns to CS/LM didn't work properly


Changes in v3.4.3 (released 17-Jul-2008)

Bug fix :-
  swap patches in same file was broken


Changes in v3.4.1 (released 12-May-2008)

Bug fixes :-
  crashed when opening system editor if midi debug enabled
  system editor was not transferring preset names to GT8 correctly
  assign 2 to assign 8 save preset didn't work
  GT8 SDD delay time preset data wasn't being saved correctly


Changes in v3.4.0 (released 17-Apr-2008)

Can save user presets in editor (GT3, GT5, GT8 only)
Can load and save patch files in midi format (use this to transfer GT6 and GT8 patches to Roland's GT10 librarian program)
Updates to the graphics

Bug fixes :-
  GT8 AR and HR settings were not saved in patch file for patches using custom AR & HR
  GT8 user presets were not displayed properly (only showed 5 out of 10, and U01 settings were wrong)
  GT6 -> GT8 conversion, Reverb & Delay direct levels were being set to 0 instead of 100
  GT3, 6, 8 load one on patch 33-1 onwards was not working, GT8 load one on temp wasn't working
  MIDI I/O activity indicators were not working properly if MIDI output device was device number 0
  GT8 FX1/2 VB Trigger label was wrong
  GT8 HR, PS, SYN were not disabling unused controls
  setting of unused controls was not being done properly on initial display of the editor
  default editor effect when changing between GT-3,5,6,8 was wrong
  Office 2007 menu/toolbar colour setting was not being saved
  in colours setting screen, "Set Defaults" set the empty patch colour wrongly
  GT8 Sound Hold effect was missing Hold On/Off
  MIDI CC# wasn't showing value properly in editor


Changes in v3.3.5 (released 15-Feb-2008)

New files saved with the un-registered version now can't be sent (using bulk dump) to GT-3/5/6/8.

Bug fixes :-
  fixed occasional crash with patch copy/paste
  bulk load to existing file was opening in new file instead
  fixed crash using "load one" from right-click popup menu in patch file
  problem with setting fonts could cause program to exit
  some GT6 MIDI Map system data was being discarded in bulk to PC


Changes in v3.3.4 (released 24-Jan-2008)

MIDI bulk dump from PC now faster on WinXP/Vista
Added MIDI input/output logging capability
Added detection of plugging-in and removal of MIDI devices whilst running

Bug fixes :-
  fixed MIDI connections screen sometimes highlighting wrong input port
  fixed problem copying single patch from presets file to normal file
  fixed crash on exit when running without administrator privileges
  fixed crash on exit if showing midi connection settings, file & folder settings or colour scheme settings
  fixed system editor showing wrong info when going between GT-3/5/6/8 modes

Changes in v3.3.3 (released 26-Dec-2007)


Bug fixes :-
  GT8 ACS effect in editor was missing description in slider box
  GT8 CE effect in editor didn't include Stereo2 option


Changes in v3.3.2 (released 01-Dec-2007)

Bug fixes :-
  saving registration data caused crash


Changes in v3.3.1 (released 29-Nov-2007)

GT Edit mode can control sliders as well as knobs
Patch editor can be opened at the right effect by clicking on the effect panel in the patch file window
Can drag & drop whole banks of patches at a time (click & drag from bank name)
GT8 preamp preset list in editor now includes entry to copy from one preamp to the other
Can now scroll though the patch editor presets using keyboard keys

Bug fixes :-
  GT6 to GT8 drag & drop now works (had to do copy & paste before)
  fixed some errors in GT8 fx descriptions
  fixed having to use Omni MIDI Rx for GT Edit to work
  fixed GT8 preamp presets only working for channel A


Changes in v3.3.0 (released 07-Aug-2007)

Added ability to open patch data in .mid files
Minor improvements to recent file list


Changes in v3.2.2 (released 06-Aug-2007)

Bug fix :-
  fixed issue with GT3 to GT6 patch converter for some assign targets


Changes in v3.2.1 (released 17-Jul-2007)

Bug fix :-
  fixed real-time patch editing (MIDI I/O was broken in this mode)


Changes in v3.2.0 (released 09-Jul-2007)

Added converter for GT6 to GT8 format
Added "Show patch map" to patch file "view" menu and toolbar - gives a text output of patches stored in the file

Bug fixes :-
  fixed check for updates failing to actually do the update
  fixed crash when selecting Reverb in patch editor for GT5 patch format
  fixed MIDI I/O problems for Chinese locale
  fixed GT8 EXP pedal setting corrupting CTL pedal function in Assigns settings
  fixed error in assign targets when converting patch format
  fixed converting GT3 to GT6 format (was completely broken!)


Changes in v3.1.11 (released 04-May-2007)

Patch editor window now continues to show preset fx name after selecting it from the dropdown list
Added tooltips for the COSM-based effects for GT8 (move the mouse over the slider knob for preamp type, mic type etc to see it)
Added "view presets" to sysex file view menu
Added option to keep selected patch number on GT-3/5/6/8 in sync with that selected in GT Manager (look in MIDI Connections)
Added facility to edit web page shortcuts (look in Tools > Add-Ins)
Minor updates to the help files and quick start guide
Tweaked some of the graphics

Bug fixes :-
  EQadjust AddIn: fixed EQ on/off status, gain knob range and value being wrong in GT3 mode
  fixed occasional issue with syx window being below minimum sensible height
  fixed syx file being closed when an error occurs during merging syx data
  fixed non-functioning drag & drop of registration email
  fixed auto detect of device ID, CTL CC and PDL CC settings not being saved
  fixed GT8 assign internal trigger source text (Boss documentation was wrong)


Changes in v3.1.10 (released 06-Feb-2007)

Bug fixes :-
  more fixes when opening from explorer after associating syx files with GT Manager
  file > new fixed (was broken in v3.1.9)


Changes in v3.1.9 (released 02-Feb-2007)

Bug fixes :-
  more fixes when opening from explorer after associating syx files with GT Manager
  drag and drop from explorer onto GT Manager main window opens the file properly
  stopped more than one copy of GT Manager being open at the same time


Changes in v3.1.8 (released 30-Jan-2007)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed freeze when opening from explorer after associating syx files with GT Manager


Changes in v3.1.7 (released 04-Jan-2007)

Can also backup the registration to hard disk (if more than 1 installed)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed prev/next buttons in editor when displaying a preset patch
  fixed registration problem on systems without any network adapter


Changes in v3.1.6 (released 20-Nov-2006)

Added office 2007 style for the menus and media center style for the patch scroll bar
Open and save dialog boxes can now be resized
Can save patch file as raw sysex data (omits the additional user info normally added by GT Manager)
Program settings stored differently, so now can be run without admin privileges in WinXP

Bug fixes :-
  uploading only GT system data now doesn't open empty patch window
  fixed some window heights being slightly wrong in WinXP
  fixed GT-8 DD Fx and Direct Levels not updating GT-8 correctly from patch editor (was corrupting Tuner pitch)
  delete patch from right-click pop-up menu now works
  fixed insert patch/bank when patch file contains a patch in tmp location
  fixed error message when saving a GT8 patch with custom preamp settings
  fixed some occasional problems with registration being lost


Changes in v3.1.4 (released 25-Sep-2006)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed some windows in main panel being wrong width (e.g. MIDI Connections)


Changes in v3.1.3 (released 19-Sep-2006)

Updated the quick start guide (pdf document) to cover GT-8 functionality
Disabled copying GT8 patch to GT3/GT5/GT6 patch files and vice versa (patch conversion to/from GT8 not supported)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed crash for load one patch in GT8 mode
  fixed GT8 delays showing wrong values and wrong BPM text
  fixed GT5 delay interval showing wrong values
  fixed problems with text entry in patch notes
  fixed knobs controlling wrong parameters when switching from GT8 Preamp A <-> B
  fixed GT Edit in GT8 mode, wasn't disabling EXP & CTL assignments during GT Edit
  fixed error copying from preset patches


Changes in v3.1.2 (released 20-Jul-2006)

Added "insert patch" and "insert bank" in patch file
Added ability to load the GT8 patches available from other sources that have formatting errors in the data



Changes in v3.1.1 (released 11-Jul-2006)

Auto-detect device ID, EXP CC and CTL CC added in MIDI connections

Bug fixes :-
  bulk Dump to GT8 crash fixed
  MIDI Tx speed setting displays properly in MIDI connections


Changes in v3.1.0 (released 29-Jun-2006)

System data editor for GT8 added

Bug fixes :-
  GT8 Meter point saved correctly (was overwriting one value in MIDI map)
  GT8 System Preamp saved correctly (was overwriting one value in MIDI map)
  GT8 Custom OD/DS number 3 was not being saved
  GT8 Global EQ saved correctly
  GT8 FX2 effects updated correctly on GT8
  system MIDI Rx channel now shows 1..16 instead of 0..15


Changes in v3.0.6 (released 04-Apr-2006)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed crash when exiting MIDI Connections screen
  fixed crash on some systems when checking for updates


Changes in v3.0.5 (released 26-Mar-2006)

Added support for GT8 (patch load/save, patch editor, EQ adjust, save as Excel, convert to text)
Improvements to WinXP colour scheme emulation on non-WinXP systems
Slight increase in info in some of the patch summary info in patch files
Additional functionality from previous GT-8 version :-
  save as Excel for GT8 added
  convert to text for GT8 added
  EQ Adjust plug-in for GT8 added

Bug fixes :-
  fixed not sending first patch in file when doing bulk dump from PC
  fixed crash whilst moving/copying patch onto itself
  GT5 delay smooth control now visible
  correction in some preset data for GT3 and GT6
  save registration screen sometimes wasn't being shown properly
  fixed patch, text windows hiding behind control panel when selected

Bug fixes from previous GT-8 version:-
  GT8 PreAmp userpreset direct level now stored
  GT8 Delay effect settings now stored correctly
  GT8 patch edit menu and toolbar icon enabled


Changes in v2.1.5 (released 26-Feb-2006)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed problem preventing system editor window opening


Changes in v2.1.4 (released 23-Jan-2006)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed occasional registration being lost (affected some systems with multiple network connections)


Changes in v2.1.3 (released 30-Aug-2005)

Bug fixes :-
  fixed not sending first patch in file when doing bulk dump from PC


Changes in v2.1.2 (released 9-May-2005)

Bug fixes :-
  registration menu options sometimes misbehaved
  swapping patches occasionally failed


Changes in v2.1.1 (released 28-April-2005)

Bug fix :-
  occasional problem recognising registration info


Changes in v2.1.0 (released 24-April-2005)

Major update to the user interface: much smarter appearance, better graphics, and even easier to use (I hope)
  New control panel for main user interface with choice of styles
  Improved graphics for patch file window
  Choice of toolbar and/or menus for patch, text and zip file windows with choice of styles
Drag & drop method simplified (no need to use shift and/or ctrl keys whilst dragging)
Can hide preset names from unused patch locations in patch file
Last file list now 10 entries (was 8)
Help & info includes links to related documentation
Can save all parameters to text (not just the fx that are on or have assigns)
Can copy preset patches (edit copy menu)
Can convert preset patches to text
Can merge new data into existing files during bulk transfer to PC
Can save GT3 and GT5 patches to Excel (GT6 to Excel was in previous version already)
Can print from the text window (only to the default printer though)
Go to prev/next patch buttons added to editor
Added System data editor
Transferring registration to second PC now done via removable disk rather than via MIDI
New registration process - unlock code included in purchase confirmation email from Kagi

Bug fixes :-
  save as xls now changes file extension to ".xls"
  GT5 MOD presets now selects sub-effect
  copy/move patch now also keeps original patch date
  removed repeated printing of 1st parameter of some Fx in some situations with GT5 text output
  made edit menu and pop-up menu consistent for preset patches
  MIDI connections dialog doesn't reset MIDI Rx rate and Auto-end every time it is displayed
  bulk send of patch file doesn't send deleted patches any more
  GT3, GT5 internal pedal wave shape settings now visible
  last file list and restore last state now check that file still exists
  bulk send to GT5 now displays correct bank & patch numbers
  bulk send to GT5 overflow problems fixed
  undelete list now properly shows all patches available for un-deletion
  fixed display error in editor for some FX1, FX2, MOD etc assign settings
  improvements to remembering MIDI port settings when USB-MIDI interfaces removed & re-connected
  fixed crash during GT5 convert to text with Assign to DD tempo in
  system data area corruption - user must re-save system data from GT-3, GT-5, GT-6!


Changes in v1.0.5 (released 11-July-2003)

Added save as Excel (currently for GT-6 files only)

Bug fixes :-
  lockup when MIDI hardware removed fixed
  added MIDI channel select for incoming CC messages


Changes in v1.0.4 (released 27-April-2003)

Bug fix :-
  occasional problem with product ID fixed


Changes in v1.0.2 (released 12-April-2003)

EQ Adjust plug-in added
Added check for updates feature
Can load individual patches into an already open patch file
Can save GT5 and GT6 patches in text format (could only do GT3 patches before)
Preset patches (34-1 on for GT-3/GT-6, 5-1-1 on for GT-5) now available
Single-click selects patch, double-click edits patch
Right-click on patch -> pop-up menu for loading individual patches, deleting, renaming etc
Patch window height is remembered
Revert to saved file added to file menu
Additional comment field per patch, also per patch save of date & author
Delete key can be used to delete patches, and patches can now be un-deleted
List of recent files added to File menu
Program starts up in same state it was last closed
Improved reliability of registration backup & restore

Various bug fixes :-
  saving files with custom PreAmp, OD/DS and WAH corrected (may not have been saved before)
  fixed GT5 syx file save error (caused patches other than 1-1-1 to be lost)
  patch window is re-drawn properly when making it smaller
  MIDI output lockup fixed
  GT5 MIDI output corrected
  minor fixes to web form functionality
  tooltips for exit & cancel buttons on editor form corrected
  fixed errors in assign GT6 FX2 harmonist and pitch shift assign target parameter list
  fixed a number of minor bugs in GT5 patch editor
  fixed GT3 to GT6 conversion bug when Exp pedal was assigned to something other than foot volume
  fixed serial number being changed second time program is run


Changes in v0.4.1 (released 19-April-2002)

Various bug fixes :-
  buttons on patch window and checkboxes in editor now right size with large fonts
  press restore whilst subfx showing, subfx now remains showing
  GT6 speaker sim on/off check now works
  GT6 to GT3 speaker sim parameters now convert correctly
  GT6 to GT3 WAH parameters now convert correctly
  GT6 MS1959(1+2) preamp type text now fits in the display
  MIDI output lockup fixed (as far as I can tell)
  minor improvement in range checking sysex input data (only affects opening files with wrong data)


Changes in v0.4.0 (released 15-March-2002)

Added progress indicator for bulk dump, and allow the transfer to be cancelled.
Text window is opened listing any patch conversion problems - this can be saved as a text file.
Adjustment of knobs and sliders using the mouse wheel (not in Win95).
New MIDI I/O routines, hopefully solving the incompatibility between some Windows versions and some soundcards!
Graphical changes :-
  revised colour scheme for the patch display window, various information dialogs and the menus; menus also incorporate icons.
  marker added to individual patches in a file to show if they have been altered.
  patch "boxes" can now have the colours and fonts customised.
Patch display window is now re-sizeable vertically to be able to display more patches at once, and can be scrolled using the mouse wheel (not in Win95).
Basic navigation between patches using the keyboard.
Drag and drop of files from Windows Explorer into GT Manager is implemented.
Connections dialog now only lists actual MIDI outputs (does not list soundcard MIDI synthesiser channels).
Various performance improvements to reduce start-up time and reduce amount of system resources :-
  start-up time of V0.4 is about half that of V0.3.
  system resources used by V0.4 is reduced to about 25% of those used by V0.3.

Various bug fixes :-
  can now minimise the patch display window
  finds first midi input connection automatically when first run
  save text window now only gives the option of saving as text file (which it only supported anyway)
  other info field in patch display window now updates properly
  now works with Windows large font (or any other size) display setting
  GT3 to GT6 conversion assigns 2 to 8 now convert correctly (were duplicated from assign 1)
  GT5 to GT3 EQ parameter conversion is now correct
  OD/DS Drive control in GT6 mode now remains enabled (in GT3 mode it remains correctly disabled)
  GT5 Harmonist info button now displayed when needed
  GT6 Auto-Riff info button now displayed when needed
  GT5 to GT3 conversion using assign to CE effect level is now correct
  GT5 to GT6 conversion using assign to TR/PN is now correct
  GT5 to GT6 conversion using assign to Loop level is now correct
  GT5 to GT6 conversion using assign to SP SW is now correct
  preamp presence format (0..100 or 0..-100) now displays correctly
  GT5 DD effect now correctly has effect & direct level controls; effect chain displays correctly

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