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The Partheus GT Manager is a full-feature patch librarian and editor for your GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 or GT-001 within the Windows environment of your PC.  The program has been designed to be as quick and easy to use as possible, saving you time and effort in getting your patches to sound the way you want. Many of the features have been requested by real users.

After an amazing 17 years of providing over 70 iterations of this software to over 2200 satisified customers, as of July 2018 GT Manager is being made available free with no need to register.

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GT Manager main window (My GT)


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Features included in GT ManagerTop

Transfer patches from the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 and GT-001 to the PC (via MIDI), automatically converting the patch format if necessary

Transfer patches from the PC to the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 and GT-001 (via MIDI) :-
  Audition mode - sends a single patch to the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 or GT-001's temporary memory so you can listen to it without affecting any of the stored patches.
  Dump mode - sends a complete patch file to the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 and GT-001, storing all the patches in the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 or GT-001's memory.

Load and save patches in sysex (*.syx) format from disk or the internet.
Patch files you save can include additional information about your equipment setup etc, and indicate that you created them.

Load and save GT-10 patches in gxg format for Boss's GT-10 librarian.

Load and save GT-100 patches in gcl format for Boss's GT-100 librarian.

Highlight patches by category (GT-10, GT-100v2, GT-001 only) to quickly find patches of the right style.

Copy, move or swap individual patches from one location to another, both within a file, and between files.
Delete individual patches from files.

Convert patches between most patch formats.  Often, a full conversion is possible.  If not (because of different functionality), GT Manager tells you what functions have failed to convert.

Integrated patch editor allowing editing of all effect parameters, with live update of the GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT-10, GT-100 or GT-001 whilst editing.

GT Manager shows all the controls for each effect in a logical way for easy editing. Effect chain editing is done by simply dragging effect boxes to the desired location. This is so much easier than editing on the unit itself!

Editor for global settings, MIDI settings, custom Harmonist, Auto-riff, Pre-amp, Overdrive, Wah settings.

Graphical display of EQ responses to give you a better understanding of the EQ controls.

"Edit with GT" function: use the GT's CTL and EXP pedals to control GT Manager via MIDI, giving you "hands-free" operation of the software.  This means you can play your guitar whilst altering patch parameters, hearing the effect as you play!

Load zip files and extract the patch files and text files etc.

Save patches in text listing format, and get a "patch map" listing showing which patches are in the file.

Save patches in Microsoft Excel format (you need Excel to be installed for this to work).

Integrated Text file viewer.


Other versionsTop

Sorry, there is no plan to make a GT-6B version or GT-10B version of GT Manager, but you could try this instead (no connection with Partheus).


OS compatibilityTop

GT Manager has been designed to run in all versions of Windows from XP onwards.

GT Manager will not run on Mac systems!

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