Buffer-3 is the world's first guitar buffer that includes three different buffer modes.

Vintage: warm sound, with a slight hint of valve quality
Classic: clean sound, controlled top-end
Modern: clear strong sound

Buffer-3  49.00
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Why would I need a buffer?

Well, if you have long guitar cables, or a pedalboard with lots of pedals, then you will be losing tone - the higher frequencies will be lost, and the sound will become dull. You can prove this yourself check the tone with all the effects pedals switched off (bypassed). Now connect direct to your amp with the shortest high quality cable you've got and compare the difference in tone. By placing a buffer early in the signal chain (usually first), you will preserve the tone you get when you go direct to the amp.

How does it work?

By letting your guitar work into the really high impedance of the buffer, the tone loss is minimised. And the low output impedance of the buffer means no tone loss even with really long cables on the output.

There's several schools of thought on what circuitry makes a good buffer - so we've put all of them in one box, and optimised each stage to get the best performance possible. The vintage circuit uses a low noise JFET buffer, the classic circuit uses bipolar junction transistors, and the modern circuit uses an opamp. For all three, we've used the lowest noise components possible. For the bipolar circuit, we've improved on the common arrangement and double-buffered the signal to give a higher input impedance than otherwise possible. And for the opamp circuit, we've scoured the planet for an opamp that is not just low noise, but has high output drive, and can handle large signals without the sound breaking up. Finally, we've included a fully regulated supply to keep any power supply noise out - we tested this with a full 1volt square wave superimposed on the 9volt supply to make sure it worked!

All the components are the highest quality we could find - Wima film capacitors, metal film resistors, genuine Electro-Harmonix footswitch and Switchcraft jacks.

Performance (Vintage, Classic and Modern):

Input impedance: well over 1Mohm (1,000,000ohms)
Frequency response: better than 0.25dB from 20Hz to 10kHz.
Noise: insignificant.
LED for "buffer on", also indicates "battery good".
True bypass switch.
RF interference rejection circuitry.
Reverse polarity protection on both battery and dc jacks.

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